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Pan's Script is a gold mine of information about yourself. As well as this website, it has taken the form of a book, courses of study, and life-affirming reports for people - all of which are currently available.

Pan's Script, the book, has 12 chapters: Chapter 1 explains the ideals that you had in mind when you decided to enter this world, with some carefully selected examples. Chapter 2 begins a study of the name, enabling you to understand your key survival instinct as revealed by the consonants and the longing of your soul as encoded in the vowels. Somehow they must come together and there are lots of examples of people who have succeeded. Chapter 3 extends this to the full name and then considers some of its other components such as your leading letter. Chapter 4 explains how you can use your birthday number to get ahead in the world. Chapter 5 will give you an understanding of your personality and Chapter 6 your type(s) of intelligence. Chapter 7 unveils your challenges and explains them as formative forces on your life. Chapter 8 outlines a structure for understanding the big strokes in the unfoldment of your life story. Then Chapter 9 details your cycle of personal years within that structure. Chapter 10 returns to the bigger-picture and explains how numerology and astrology interelate per the Wheel of Life (below). Chapter 11 explains the Growth Cycle, which is the dynamic aspect of your first name, running in tandem with your personal years. The icing on the cake is your Astro-Number Signature - never before explained - and so immensely valuable to people. Worksheets are supplied with every step, diagrams like the one below, interpretation statements, and literally hundreds of examples.

Pan's Script, Astronumerology, is currently available at just $45 for a signed copy, which includes postage to anywhere in Australia. Write to me at elkiewhite@gmail.com

All other addresses are better off purchasing through Amazon.com because of high postage charges.

- To understand the Numbers is to understand Life -

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