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Pan's Script: The Correspondence Course

The correspondence course takes the book into the personal arena. Not only will it give participants an opportunity to test and develop their understanding of the concepts within the book but it does so within the context of their own personal numbers and horoscope. It also provides a lot more information than is in the book.  

Students will be guided through the building blocks of numerology and astrology to a point where they naturally integrate.

Through precise definition across two disciplines this groundbreaking course of study:

Information never-before published includes:

•  The complete set of ideals that you had in mind to accomplish when you were born, plus their sequence of development, noting those that will be more difficult to put into action
•  A model of sacred geometry that centres AstroNumerology within the Great Pyramid of Giza
•  Your dominant type of intelligence such as Linguistic, Kinesthetic, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Interpersonal (dealing with people), or Intrapersonal (knowing your self). Potentially one of the most useful discoveries since Freud's research into the subconscious, what we have here is a completely objective, non-invasive way of knowing a child or adult's thought patterning.
•  A way to distinguish your true Personality from the ones you simply 'try on'
•  A method for prioritizing the challenges that you will be up against
•  Your Astro-Number Signature and what that means for you.
•  The Growth Cycle as a counterpoint to the Personal Years
•  A means of reconciling the nine Personal Years with the twelve Zodiac Signs
•  Harmonics as they relate to the Letters of the Alphabet
•  A system of correspondences that takes into account the seven Rays of Theosophy, the four Functions as defined by Carl Jung, the fifteen Rings of Gaia, per Becker & Hagens, and much much more.

Solid and reliable, the entire above has been thoroughly researched 'on the ground'. Not too heavy, not too light, this course is for the practitioner who wants the lot - a reliable theoretical base upon which interpretations can stand free of personal idiosyncrasy and a huge chunk of the interpretative work done for you as well. As a complete course in the subject, Pan's Script is suitable for beginners, intermediate and professionals alike.

For beginners :

•  Straightforward methods of calculation
•  Worksheets with clear instructions for completing them
•  Hundreds of interpretive statements
•  Definitions that make it easy to distinguish one facet of AstroNumerology from another
•  Over a thousand examples
•  A complete glossary of terms used, which you can use as a mini-dictionary of AstroNumerology

For intermediate students :

•  Not just the Date Path (Birthpath, Life Path or whatever name you already know it by), but all possible variations
•  A worksheet for every Primary Date Path, with a place for the Name Patterns, Bases, Attainments, Challenges and Key Astrological Influences
•  Interpretive Statements in areas previously neglected, such as the difference between Challenge 9 and Challenge Zero, and the difference between Numbers 1 and 10, 2 and 11, 3 and 12.
•  A simplification of terms so that the previous systems that you have studied can be adapted to this one
•  Correspondence Tables that include correlations with Palmistry

For advanced practitioners :

•  New techniques for analyzing the Date Chart (aka Birth Chart/Birth Matrix)
•  A Challenges Worksheet that enables you to prioritize their impact, plus a previously undetected pattern to the Challenges
•  A system of correspondences that allow you to analyze the interpretative statements according to the merit of such correspondences
•  Definitions that make it easy to see the interrelationships between the various facets of AstroNumerology
•  A new slant on several famous people that you may have studied before, plus several less well-known people for your personal research
•  Advanced information that is not in Pan's Script, the book.

At all levels Pan's Script provides a systematic course of development through Numerology and Astrology, which leads naturally to AstroNumerology

Special features include:

•  Exercises that test your comprehension of the concepts in each lesson. The focus will be on understanding your own chart but several other examples are provided as well. Even if you have been studying the subject for years, you are going to learn a lot a lot about yourself from this course.

•  Your assignments are personally corrected by me. No-one else sees your work; you know exactly who is reading what you have written. This guarantees your privacy and builds our relationship.

•  There is no time limit on the course: you decide how long you want to take on each lesson. Each student works at the pace that feels right for them. Everything is tailored to the individual student.

•  Questions may be sent by email at any time, and will be answered as quickly as possible

•  By the time you complete the course you will have a complete manual of Astronumerology


A Simple Payment Plan: To minimize expensive and environmentally unfriendly printing and postage costs, I've decided to make this an e-course. The total cost for 12 lessons is just $960 (Australian). A whole new program will begin mid-2016.

Contact: elkiewhite@gmail.com