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Where did Pan's Script come from? Should I change my Name?
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How can I become a teacher of Pan's Script?
What if my Name is in a Language Other Than English?

Questions about Elkie and Pan's Script 

Elkie in Egypt


In January 2006 after I had 'completed' the book, I was introduced to Hellenistic Astrology. Prior to that, the astrology within the book had not felt as coherent as the numerology. The Hellenistic system of astrology was active in Alexandria , Egypt , from at least 150 BCE to 7 CE. We actually don't know how old it is because the texts prior to this time have been lost, although earlier works are referred to in the texts that we do have. However old it is, it is quite apparent that the Pan's Script model slots in perfectly with Hellenistic Astrology. I felt that I had 'come home' and could now close the book, but then a further surprise was in store for me.

Having noticed the perfect fit, I enthusiastically and gratefully studied all that I could find on the web. Among the material posted by the Project Hindsight team, I discovered the 'System of Hermes'. Apparently Hellenistic astrology is based on a rigorous metaphysical system that employs only those techniques that are consistent with the worldview of their time. Yet like any cosmology of any value, this one has a timeless quality about it. In one of the surviving texts from the Hellenistic period we learn that Hermes Trimegistus, the Thrice-Great Hermes, founded this system, hence the name given to it by the Project Hindsight people* . Hermes was the Greek Name or counterpart of the Egyptian Thoth, also Thrice-Great. And Thoth was associated with Language, Law and Healing of the highest order.

Throughout the writing of Pan's Script , the connections with Egypt and the Great Pyramid kept arising and so I had to wonder if the Pan's Script system was essentially the same as the 'System of Hermes'. At the very least they slot easily, one into the other. It could be that the Pan's Script model of AstroNumerology is an adaptation an ancient system to the calendar we currently use, planetary bodies that are now a part of the mainstream consciousness, and the English language. It certainly has sufficient vitality to travel through time.

* The text referred to is The Mathesis by Firmicus Maternus

astrology sign symbols

Pan's Script seamlessly unites astrology and numerology, and is as valid today as it was when the Babylonians and the Chaldeans were at the height of their glory. TheChaldean System begins with the Sun in the First House because the Sun correlates to Number 1. The First House is ruled by Mars, and Sun-Mars signifies 'Life'. This system ends with Saturn in the Eighth House because Saturn correlates with Number 8. Traditionally the 8th House is also ruled by Mars. And Mars-Saturn signifies 'Death'. The Chaldeans thus had a system that ran from Number 1 to Number 8, and it included letter correspondences that matched the resonance of these Numbers and Planets. It had a fatalistic quality about it. This system has survived through the mysticism of the Hebrew tradition and is especially meaningful to people who understand the intricacies of that language. Pan's Script acknowledges the wisdom of this system and introduces a system of Astronumerology that relates to the English language. Pan's Script is a complete system in its own right and also a counterpart to the Chaldean system. Its system of Nine embraces the system of Eight in a way that suits our current state of consciousness. The System of Nine Letter Correspondences represents the impulse to go beyond the lock-tight jaws of fate and explores the quest for immortality. Of equal importance is the fact that Pan's Script builds on what we already know. The Wheel of Life is already common knowledge to astrologers. Pan's Script injects fifteen years of intense research into this Wheel, revealing a consistent and comprehensive system of Astronumerology.



Occasionally asked

Should I change my name when I get married?
As above it comes down to personal choice. In the case of marriage you have a number of options
- You can keep your Original Name or Chosen Name; you are not legally obliged to change your name
- A woman can take a man's surname
- A man can take a woman's surname
- Either of you could use your Original Name as a middle name
- You could hyphenate each other's name
- You could invent a whole new name
- You could mesh your two names together (Morris marrying Patrick could become Patmore for example)
Having a conversation about this before you get married could reveal much about your future partner!

Be aware that when you change your name the vibrations around you and within you change too. A change of name pattern could alter what you attract from life and what you subconsciously repel. It could highlight certain qualities and dimish others. It might exacerbate a frequency that is already intense or it might remediate a deficiency.

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