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Welcome to the world of AstroNumerology !
What follows is very popular types of reports to help you make the most of life's journey. A distinct advantage to you is that you get two for one – astrology and numerology – and more importantly two as one. No previous knowledge of AstroNumerology is required to understand these reports. Prices listed are in Australian dollars.



The purpose of this report is to clarify, inform and to generally raise your awareness of who you are as a unique individual within a collective of unique individuals. It will reveal things about you that you are quite familiar with, for better or for worse, and probably some surprises as well. It aims to help you to appreciate yourself. Its intention is to replace fear and ignorance with knowledge and motivation. To understand yourself is to make peace with yourself.


•  The Ideals You Had in Mind when you Incarnated

•  Your Vowel, Consonant and Name Numbers: your mix of motivational factors

•  Your Growth Number: the constant inner striving to be the best person that you can be

•  Your Approach to Life: the way you inwardly tackle the issues that arise daily

•  Your Birth Day Number: your winner attitude

•  Your Mature Personality and its implications

•  Your Specific Type(s) of Intelligence: how you think

•  Your Achievement Number: a state of mind that you need to master

•  Your Challenges: the formative forces acting on you

•  Your Whole-Sign Horoscope with a guide to glyphs and signs

•  Features of Your Horoscope

•  Your Astro-Number Signature: permeating your entire energy field

Price: $125, plus postage & handling, as necessary

YOUR UNIQUE CHILD is a similar report, designed to inform you about the precious person in your care.

- same format; same price, cheques payable to Pans Script

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The One Day Workshop
There are many systems of numerology and it is hoped that the paradigm presented will help people to understand why they all work to some degree. If you think of circles within circles within circles, you are on your way to appreciating that each system is a part of something greater than itself. Each has a place within the Wheel of Life, some closer to the surface, some nearer to the core. Sitting right on the outer edge of life – in the midst of our daily activity - the Personal Years offer practical guidance as to how you can achieve what you came here to do. By contrast, the Growth Cycle lies close to the centre of the wheel, supporting such achievements from within. Some people only want the day-to-day advice that an AstroNumerologist can offer but the number of people who want the deeper, more spiritual implications of what they are experiencing is growing. The Personal Years and the Growth Cycle aid both. Significantly the Personal Years and Growth Cycle are the two easiest to calculate, which is important if you want to help people to understand how simple and obvious numerology actually is. Workshop-friendly, this complementary pair moves people gently from their day-to-day reality into their growth reality. Called "Your Nine-Year Cycles", coordinators need to allow four hours for this workshop.

For further information contact me by email: elkiewhite@gmail.com


In 2006 I was gifted with the opportunity of attending Elkie's pilot AstroNumerology course. I had a reasonable knowledge of Numerology and a limited understanding of Astrology and was curious to see how she had married the two disciplines. Working with the course each week has been an incredible journey. I have at times been moved to tears as some long time issue in my life has been brought finally to the clear light of day, where using only Astrology or Numerology it would never have been properly seen. I have discovered that AstroNumerology is not two disciplines cobbled together, but one well researched highly developed process for self understanding, and from that understanding, I am starting to experience great freedom. - ACM, Kalorama, 2006

...layers upon layers of information and I think it will take a while for me to integrate, but there are definitely strong messages I'm picking up re making changes.  I feel like I'm being swept along by a gentle but fast flowing river and instead of struggling against the current and imposing my will (as I usually would); I feel a sense of surrender and peace.  This is magical! •  ERR, Perth

I am really and truly blown away by your amazing and in depth report. I wasn't
sure what to expect as I have never had one done like this. I think that
the accuracy and detail you have included is fantastic and the years you
mention for me to look at are spot on. I have done a lot of personal introspection
over the years, looking at the patterns and events in my life and connection
with what you said was instantaneous.  It has helped me immensely and will
do so for the next few years. AMV, Selby, 2009

I have felt a real shifting inside myself since the reading began to take shape and I wanted to let you know. I feel energetic matter falling away. It's like being a tree and shedding bark; stripped bard but comfortable with that. I'm enjoying it lots! Thank you for putting so much time and energy into my Astro-Numerology chart-with-books-attached! It was perfect timing and very useful. BGM, Kallista, 2010

Wow - this is very holistic and is providing a complementary yet deeper insight than than my straight astrology and numerology readings...Upon the second reading I now feel that I am clearer regarding my life purpose and also have some useful insights regarding my current state of health. The report has propelled me afresh into a dreaming state regarding my life's work. I feel energised by my birthdate...It also feels like a lot to live up to, yet I feel it so deep and true within. It was truly a wonderful gift to myself even though I have had astrology and numerology readings done previously. Pan's Script and your attention to particular aspects of the chart as well as integrating the details seems to have resulted in a reading that really feels like me...It's a bit of an instruction manual really. Finally! I get to learn a bit more about me more objectively. MLF, Hurstbridge, 2013

...such a wonderful detailed work. I have been reading it slowly an onto my second time through, it is a huge work a life of just one isn't it? And all of us have such complexities with just as much detail. Hooley dooley, head spinning stuff! It will be of great benefit to the continuous journey of confirming and confronting myself and I appreciate your thoroughness and easy to follow interpretation. DA, Monbulk, 2013

...there are SO many things that resonate for me. As I dip in and out I am picking up lots of ideas or prompts to deeper understandings about myself. I am finding it very valuable. HDJ, Thornbury, 2013

...awed by the interconnectedness of everything. Thank you for taking such care, it's really appreciated....Looks like I've got some homework ahead of me. There is much to take in as the report resonates so deeply....This report, when reviewed with journals will help me understand a lot more about myself and the right direction to go in. VFC, Canberra, 2014

...a perfect mix of my own chart and my relationship...and I can see how much work goes in to it. very much appreciated;
FJH, Tasmania, 2014

...Wonderful reading: it has already explained a lot and is serving as a very useful 'Owners Manual', JJC, UK, 2014

As I read and digested the report, I could see so much that corresponded to this years events, and in spite of my uncertainty about astrology and numerology have been quite surprised about the correspondence... 2014 started out smoothly enough. I was looking forward to the challenges ahead which would consolidate achievements of previous years. However after Easter, everything changed – I felt like I was caught up in a tsunami of change washing through my personal and professional life. The momentum and magnitude of change was not something I had foreseen.

While struggling to make sense of events, and feeling like life had been upended, I thought I would inquire of Elkie whether she could shed some light on the events of the year. Although I have never really been into astrology or numerology, I was open to another perspective which might shed some light on what was happening in this tumultuous year.

Combining Astrology and Numerology in Pan's AstroNumerology, Elkie presented me with a picture that was quite congruent with the changes I was experiencing – endings consistent with a 9 year, significant life review and change of direction with a Saturn Return. The report detailed themes and opportunities to explore during each month up to end of the year, working towards completion of the cycle. A discussion of my natal horoscope with respect to my temperament was very interesting and certainly identified many of my personal attributes. It was very interesting to see the various aspects of my charts juxtaposed against the charts of other people involved in the challenges of the year for the added sense and meaning this provided. At the time of writing, Elkie suggested that there would be a gentle easing of intensity as the year progressed, and made way for the new beginnings. Certainly, as the year draws to its end, much of the intensity of the mid year is subsiding, and the energy of change and transformation is settling into the new.

I must confess a level of surprise at the correlation between the reading and the events of the year. And while this did not take away from the intensity of what I was experiencing, I felt some comfort that this was a possible “growth spurt” consistent with moving into a new phase of my life. CEE, Upwey, Dec 2014

'Very accurate! What amazing insights. I am in awe of the foundation of information and insight this report holds'. AL, Gippsland, 2015


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